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Precast of the steel structure and its construction plans.

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Precast of the steel structure and its construction plans.
Issue Time:2019-05-17
This is mainly for the description of precast and assembly of steel structure including the steel scaffolding planks used in the constant pressure distillation equipment. General information of the construction project. This kind of the steel structure project includes the pipe rack structure, the frame structure and the equipment staircase platform. All the steel structures are precast in the factory and assembled at site. The project features and its key points in the construction techniques.

Features: Short construction period, intersection of all the construction details including the lawn, the ground pipe, the artificial pipe and the equipment installation. The precast strength shall be deepened to reduce the welding works on site, symbolizing this construction of this project. The manufacturing of all the elements and accessories. Whether being welded or not, all the style steel shall be rectified for the specification before the fed of material.

The feed of material shall be checked for its size on the boards at the joints. The extension of the scaffolding planks shall be no smaller than2.5m and the number of the joint head on each tube and brace shall be no more than 2; the connection heads shall be no more than 1.2 meters away to the welding seam on the brim.