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Ten points for you to keep the safety of scaffolding.

Ten points for you to keep the safety of scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-05-17
The scaffolding is an indispensible tool in the construction projects. However, the mistakes in the erection and real applications can lead to much more accidents including the casualties an large loss of cost. So there are ten points for various scaffolding for sale kinds in real applications.

1     Materials: choose the materials according to the quality and specification requirements and regulations.
2     Dimensions: erect the scaffoldings according to the required space and size.
3     Planks: the scaffolding shall be fully planked, leaving no gaps between the protruding boards and descending boards. Clear out the odds on the boards and planks regularly.
4     Handrails: along the two size of the outside scaffolding and ramp shall build the 1.2 high handrails or hinging safety nets.
5     Connections: set bridging braces and bracing tubes to fasten and strength the connection to buildings.
6     The load bearing: distribute the working load evenly on the scaffolding for sale frame.
7     Ascending and descending: erect stairs and packway for workers to ascend and descend. Stop any construction workers from climbing up or down the frame to cause any accidents.