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Requirements on the indoor decoration scaffolding structure.

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Requirements on the indoor decoration scaffolding structure.
Issue Time:2019-05-16
First of all, use the single standing tubes with a transverse space and longitudinal space of 1.5m and the space between the standing tubes and the wall body shall be 300mm. The distance from each scaffolding joint center to the nearest main joints shall be no bigger  than 1/3 the space between standing tubes. And the connection joints of adjacent standing tubes shall be staggered arranged in different spans. For the two adjacent standing tubes within different spans and lifts, the staggered space shall be no smaller than 500mm.

Then, all the standing tubes shall be fastened and fixed to the horizontal tubes with right angle couplers as the horizontal tubes  function as binding parts which can assure the load bearing capacity of the standing tubes. The shall be no omission or neglect of the setting of scaffolding for sale standing tubes   and they shall not be erected every step.

Lastly, the bridging braces shall connect to 6 standing tubes with an inclined angle of 45-60 to the ground and shall arrange successively along the frame height.