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Content contained in the multi-purpose scaffolding system

Content contained in the multi-purpose scaffolding system
Issue Time:2019-05-15
1.    For the chimney above the house roof and the chimneys clinging to the walls whose part is higher than the roof shall erect the scaffolding.

2.    For the erection of ramps which are approved in the construction plan.

3.    For the height of eaves of the building is over 20m or the construction levels over 6 floors, shall calculate the appendage charges of the external scaffolding :
a    Key points in how to calculate the multiple scaffolding;
b    Calculate the multiple scaffold for sale in accordance with the construction building areas;
c    Calculate multiple scaffolding of the steel structures of the steel pile, the steel beam, the color steel plate surface and its wall at the coefficient of 0.346;
d    The story height of the buildings: for the bottom level or the middle level, set the elevation height of the from the interior ground of the designing room to the ground upper floors; the height from the top level to the design room in this level.
e    The vertical protective frame, shall be calculated of multiplying the erection height from the ground land to the top level transverse tubes.