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The momentum of the formwork system in construction projects.

The momentum of the formwork system in construction projects.
Issue Time:2019-05-14
On the promotion meeting of the techniques for the Chinese international formwork scaffold for sale in 2015, the relevant personnel pointed out that the formwork industry is an supporting facility to the project construction and we have to take compulsory measures to scout for the breakthrough in the techniques, and upgrade the industry to adjust itself to the developmental requirements of green construction so as to make us topple the same peer in the world.

And this are the real changes that take place in the modern construction industry and also the developmental needs in the future formwork industry. There rises advocates of green construction and green building in the world, so does in China. The needs for the traditional formwork in China is shrinking and those for the new formwork kinds are increasing.

TIANDI's cantilever frame LG-240 is used in Qingshan Reservoir construction project. It is the largest water conservancy project and important livelihood project in Huludao. The project consists of a hub and water diversion project with a total investment of 2,088.3 million yuan. These are belonging to the new kind of green formwork symbols. It shows the fact that the acknowledgement of the new environmental scaffolding construction equipments reflects how much importance people are attaching to the eco scaffolding development.