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The construction plan for the steel structure movable scaffolding.

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The construction plan for the steel structure movable scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-05-13
1 Testing and accepting the steel tubes, the groove steels, the couplers, the scaffolding planks, the dense mesh and the safety nets and do not use any unqualified products;
2 For the qualified scaffolding for sale products, they shall be stacked and placed by category and specifications. There shall be no water accumulation at the storing site;
3 Clear out other irrelevant materials on the site and leveling the construction place.

Construction methods、The selection of materials.
1 The groove steel an the materials of the connecting bolts shall comply with requirement of Q235 in the “ normal carbon structure steel technical conditions “.
2 The steel tubular scaffoldings, whose tubes are the seamless steel tubes with a diameter of 48. Their mechanical property shall comply with cold bended and thin walled type scaffolding steel structure specifications.

For the couplers which are made of the welded iron, the weights and allowing working load shall be in accordance with the requirements and regulations. The couplers can be divided into three kinds, the swivel couplers, the crossing couplers and the sleeve couplers.