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How to solve the problems occurred in the construction process?

How to solve the problems occurred in the construction process?
Issue Time:2019-05-13
Some application problems can’t be avoided as there are always some mistakes in processing of the construction, including the inadequate communications of skills between the project supervisors and the working staffs, or some of the workers are unqualified to finish some certain job duty.

The topple down of the formwork frames are caused by the workers’ mistakes in setting the bridging braces or the space between the transverse horizontal tubes, which contributes to the instability of the scaffolding frame. Some other accidents are caused by the workers who remove the tie bars between the outside scaffolding frames and the building body. Still there are some other accidents caused by stacking of materials pre-fashioned elements and construction tools on the scaffoldings and formworks.   The falling down accidents can also be caused by the chaos of managing the construction site and the installation and removal of the supporting frames without abiding by the regulations.

Treatment methods:
Control in the approval o the design and the construction process. Including the construction forms, the working load bearing, the basic soil conditions, the construction equipments, the construction methods and the scaffolding construction material supplement.