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Erection of scaffolding elements in the construction projects.

Erection of scaffolding elements in the construction projects.
Issue Time:2019-05-10
1.The external diameter of the scaffolding pipe steel is 48mm, and thickness of pipe wall is 3.5mm. Transverse horizontal bracing shall be less than 2200mm,others less than 6500mm,and every steel pipe shall be less than 25kg.
2.The surface of the steel pipe shall be smoothness, and has not the crack, dogs ear, delaminating, burr and deep nick etc.
3.The deviation of the steel pipe, as the external diameter, thickness of pipe wall, port etc, shall be accord with the code 《Steel pipe scaffold safety code of building construction with the fastener》

1.Every scaffold’s quality shall be less than 30kg.
2.Scaffold board shall be made of the fir or deal, and accord the GB code.
3.The width of the scaffold board shall be over 200mm and thickness over 50mm. On the ends with the 4mm galvanized wire fixing the board.
It shall be laying safety netting on the operating platform and protecting fence.

1.Fastener is supposed to adopt the type of 48,and the types include the right-angle, circumgyrate, butt joint, and slip-resistance.
2.The fastener of the scaffold shall be accord the GB code.