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Application of the scaffolding in the real construction projects.

Application of the scaffolding in the real construction projects.
Issue Time:2019-05-09
Scaffolding frames are some temporary facilities that for the sake of staging the construction materials and operation convenience. Here are some basic requirements on the scaffolding frames: enough width for the workers to handle duties and for the materials to be transported and staged. The frame shall be stable and solid and easy to dismantle and build.

According to the erection place, the scaffolding system can be divided into two parts: the external and internal scaffoldings or the inside and outside scaffolding. And it can be divided as the scaffolding of tubes, of frames, of bridges, of suspended styles, of hanging styles, of lift styles, and tool kind scaffolding frame which can be used by the workers on the floors.

In the scaffolding system, the outside scaffolding is erected around the outside of the building body and its main forms are the tubes, the frames, and the bridges and among them, the tube kinds have the most applications. For the projects which have bottom structures, whose upper structure construction want the scaffolding while the downside scaffolding has not been finished, the foundation for the erection can not be assured therefore, and the cantilevered steel scaffold is always take the place.