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What are the right ways to erect the main scaffolding tubes?

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What are the right ways to erect the main scaffolding tubes?
Issue Time:2019-05-08
1. The foundation of the main scaffolding tubes.
The scaffolding foundation shall be tamped after the refilling of soil and be harden by concrete whose strength no less than C15 and the hardening thickness be no less than 10cm. All the erection requirements shall be met in terms of the working load bearing on the outside scaffolding.
2. Space between the standing tubes.
The longitudinal space between scaffolding standing tubes is 1.5m and transverse space is 1.8m. The vertical space of the tie members is 3.6m and transverse space is 4.5m. The inside standing tubes shall be 0.3m away from the building body.
The bottom standing tubes of the scaffolding system shall be irregularly set with various lengths to make sure all the connecting ends of the steel tubes are unevenly set with an inter stagger height of more than 500cm.
The vertical deviation of the standing tubes shall be controlled within a range of less than the 1/400 of the scaffolding height. And make sure all the standing tubes will be fixed by stage coupler and the scaffolding coupler.