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Tips on how to build the indoor full hall scaffolding.

Tips on how to build the indoor full hall scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-05-08
Construction preparation.
1. Compose the scaffolding construction organization design. Determine the working load and the layout arrangement of the plan and vertical side of the scaffoldings. List out the amount of the elements and accessories that will be used.
2. Make all the construction staffs be familiar with the construction drawings, the specifications and the working plans.
Check and inspect all the multi-level plywood, wood sticks, steel tubes, couplers of clamp coupler and planks. Forbid to use any unqualified ones.
All the scaffolding planks shall be no smaller than 200mm and for the plywood, the thickness shall be 50mm at least. The scaffolding foundation shall be even and solid, and the standing tubes shall be backed with backing plate, whose thickness shall be no smaller than 50mm.
Clear out al the sundries within the scaffolding erection range.The erection order.
Put the backing plate-install the standing tubes-install the bottom reinforcing tubes install the flat tubes install the temporary scaffolding planks build the upper level standing tubes install the upper level flat tubes – build level by level until to the bottom of the slab.