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Construction measures for the cantilevered external scaffolding.

Construction measures for the cantilevered external scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-05-07
The whole cantilevered groove steel beam tubular scaffolding system will be erected from the suspended story to the third floor and the following erection height of the ringlock scaffolding is about 6 floors. Embedded 2 lines of 16 round steel on the third floor, the tenth  floor,  the 16th floor and the 22nd floor. The 14a groove steel, with a space of 1500mm, supports the horizontal level of the cantilevered scaffolding.

For the standing tubes, the lift is 1.5m, the span is 1.5 and the array pitch is 1.05m. Around the peripheral ringlock scaffolding, there shall set a drainage ditch of 30*20m. At the four corners of the frame body and the center set a water accumulation well of 0.5m depth and 50cm length as well as drainage well. The water accumulation well shall be made of bricks and its external facades shall be plastered with cement and sand for the sake of the advantage of draining the water.

Each main joint in the system such as the ringlock system scaffold shall be set a transverse flat tube and fixed to the longitudinal horizontal tubes by right angle couplers. The axial line on the tube shall has a distance to the main joint less than 15cm.