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The galvanized ringlock scaffolding in the construction project.

The galvanized ringlock scaffolding in the construction project.
Issue Time:2019-05-07
All the working platforms of the ringlock scaffolding shall be fully planked and stably planked with a space of 40mm to the wall body. 
 When the length of the scaffolding exceeds the limits, there shall use two transverse tubes to bearing the working load. But the two ends of the scaffolding plank shall be fixed to the whole ringlock scaffold frames.  

Whether the scaffolding frames is stable or not will have a direct impact on the whole ringlock scaffolding’s reliability. For the board wood scaffolding type, its main wood keel shall be planked vertically to the longitudinal flat tubes, which is good for the full spread out of the whole ringlock scaffolding systems. And each of the ringlock scaffolding corner shall be set on different horizontal lines.

Different kinds of building types will use different kinds of scaffolding systems and there are more than many factors which can influence the whole function of the scaffolding system. Under the fully assurance of its safety ratio, the ringlock can play its advantages to the full as it can make a change in its connection requirements.