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Five tips from preventing the scaffolding system from collapsing. (2)

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Five tips from preventing the scaffolding system from collapsing. (2)
Issue Time:2019-05-05

3   In order to make sure the overall stability of the scaffolding body, there shall set shear bridging braces.
4    When removing the scaffolding frame, the dismantling rules of from upside to downside, remove level by level shall be followed.
5     According to different box culvert of different spans, the movable scaffolding shall be calculated for right value of lifts, spans transversely and longitudinally, and interchange with the working teams.

Scaffolding couplers, such as the scaffold girder coupler, are important scaffolding elements in the whole scaffolding building projects. We need pay more attention on how to make the most qualified couplers.

However, most of the domestic scaffolding manufacturers are focusing on chasing the maximum benefits by cut the corners of materials, so the quality of the products will be lowered down greatly. What are cared by foreigner construction companies are efficiency and safety as well as the quality of the whole construction projects and environmental ratio.

They are more serious about the quality standard of the formwork scaffolding systems, which in turn has an influence on the standardization of the internal formwork factories and producing.