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Five tips from preventing the scaffolding system from collapsing. (1)

Five tips from preventing the scaffolding system from collapsing. (1)
Issue Time:2019-05-05
Scaffolding is an indispensible frame for the erection of the construction working platform on the construction site, which is mainly used fro reaching the height which can’t be reached directly in the decoration of the outside wall and interior design. And the scaffolding is to provide convenience for the workers to finish the works at upper levels and downside levels, and the outside peripheral safety mesh and to install the elements and accessories at heights.

For the sake of preventing the scaffolding from collapsing during the construction procedures, it is vital to choose the right ways to erect and build the scaffolding frames. In addition, there also some other attentions shall be paid to in the same case.

1. Make stringent control of the construction materials. All the scaffolding shall be quality approved and it is forbidden to let any erosive steel tubes or drop forged putlog couplers such into the construction site.
2.  The concrete can be removed and dismantled only after its pouring strength has reached required regulations.