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Tell you tips on how to use the press scaffold couplers.

Tell you tips on how to use the press scaffold couplers.
Issue Time:2019-05-05
Most of the press scaffold couplers are featured as great strength of anti-skid and de-frost, easy to maintain and high performance in anti-deformity. They are equipped with higher safety and quality. As this kind of couplers are prominent in the productive advantages, all of their strength can be displayed well in the real construction process. The right way to use couplers are as follows:

Work out the construction plans before the real  scaffolding coupler erection and building and if there is any fault or drawback in the plan, there will be some unexpected incidents in the building process. Keep regular check and maintenance of the coupler surface to make sure there is no crack, deformity or any skid of the threads. Do not use any unqualified couplers in your construction project.

The working load limit shall be within the bearing load range and the scaffolding shall not be connected to the formwork frame and there is the need to make the connection, make relevant treatment and make sure the couplers will be working under certain reasonable working capacity.