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What are the requirements on erecting the ringlock scaffolding?

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What are the requirements on erecting the ringlock scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-04-29
When erecting the formwork braces of the ringlock supporting system, the height shall be no more than 24m; when it exceeds 24m, another calculation shall be carried out.

When the ringlock supporting system erected as the formwork bracing tools, shall calculate the line frame size of the standing tubes according to the construction scheme and choose the horizontal tubes of determined lengths. Choose the matching standing tubes, adjustable base plates and the adjustable heads according to the erection height.

When erecting the full scaffolding at the height of less than 8m, the lifts between shall be set less than 1.5m.
When the full hall scaffold is erected to the height more than 8m, the longitudinal diagonal tubes shall be fully erected and the lifts of the transverse tubes shall be less than 1.5m. every 4-6 phases of the standing tubes shall be set with thin wall steel tube as the horizontal diagonal tubes to form a solid holding to the adjacent structures. For tubular independent high formwork frame, the height and width ratio shall be no more than 3.