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Tips on the calculation of double tubular floor scaffolding.

Tips on the calculation of double tubular floor scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-04-28
Scaffolding parameters

The erection height of the double line scaffolding is 27 meters, and use double carbon steel tubing standing tubes for the   scaffolding height under 12meters and use single tube for the height above 12 meters. The longitudinal distance of the standing tubes shall be 1.5 meters and the their transverse distance shall be 1.05 meters. The lifts between the big and small flat tubes shall be 1.8 meters.
scaffolding tube

*  The live working load parameters
*  The value of the construction uniformly distributed working load shall be 2kN/M2 and the maximum stories to synchronized constructing shall be 2 stories.
*  The dead working load parameters.
*  The standard value of the each standing tube every meter can bear the maximum structure weight shall be 0.1248kN/m2.
*  The dense mesh’s self weight shall be 0.005kn/m2.The standard value of the self weight of the hurdles and pressed steel planking shall be 0.11kn/m2.
*  The standard weight value of the 48*3.5 steel tube in every meter shall be 0.038kn/m.