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The load bearing features of frame scaffolding system.

The load bearing features of frame scaffolding system.
Issue Time:2019-04-25
The basic elements in the frame scaffolding structure are the frame system structure. Under the working load from the construction, the frame tubes and braces in the construction level will sustain the partial torque force in the plan surface of the frame scaffolding.

However, even some of the working load on the non operational platform are also bore by the frame scaffolding tubes as the construction load accounts for small volume in the total scaffolding loads such as in the scaffolds system with a height of 45m, its construction load accounts for only 20-30 percent and in the scaffolding system whose height is 60m, the working load accounts for 18- 24%. The load deliverance principle is in the way of axial pressure. 

The working load will be passed to the ground base through the frame scaffolding standing tubes which are working under pressure. While under wind load, there will be the changed torque force on the plan level of the narrow scaffold frame, which will also be resisted by the standing tubes in the frame scaffolding system.