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Tips for refilling and stamping of the scaffolding site ground.

Tips for refilling and stamping of the scaffolding site ground.
Issue Time:2019-04-23
For the construction bridge which has large spans and high self weight, the construction site shall be equipped with sound soil conditions. For erectingthe light duty frame scaffolding, the original ground face shall be the rock surface. In order to make sure the enough strength, rigidity and stability of the supporting braces, the foundation holes, and the mud on the ground surface between the bridge piles shall be removed and cleaned. The main steps areas follows:

Thoroughly take care of the mud in the base holes of the bearing platform and then use soil to refill the holes followed by another measure of stampinghard. For most cases, the soil used to refill shall has the same quality as the original soil. For some other particular soft ground base, can fill with lime orsand. After all the stamping process has been completed, there shall be carried out a ground bearing test.

Before the building of the frame scaffolding after the refilling of the soil on the site, the stamping ratio of the refilled ground shall be more than 90%. Then pouring 10-15cm C15 plain concrete on the smooth ground surface.