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Currently support systems of box girder construction projects.

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Currently support systems of box girder construction projects.
Issue Time:2019-04-23
Which composed by the bowl shape fastener scaffolding are common used. Generally the way of the analysis for scaffolding support systems was simplifying the space model to plane model, just analyze the mechanical behavior of the a single vertical pole ignoring the effect of horizontal pole.

But in the actual process of construction, the scaffolding is under space stress distribution affection, then the plane model neither appropriate nor economized. What’s more, it’s very dangerous that the construction procedure of ramp bridge when the scaffolding arrangement based on the analysis of single vertical pole. The stress distribution in space of the scaffolding by simulating the different condition in bridge construction and the aluminum scaffolding walk boards, and the stress features on the bowl shape fastener scaffold ding can put forward the suggestion for arrangement optimization.

And the biggest difference between the cuplock scaffolding system and the steel tubular scaffolding is that the former one belongs to a solid structure type, which means the beam distance, the life space and the row space is not determined at random and its structure size is determined by all the elements and accessories. If there is any need to alter, it shall be done in accordance with standard sizes.