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The development history of scaffolding planks in China.

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The development history of scaffolding planks in China.
Issue Time:2019-04-23
The steel plank, functioning as a load bearing tool, plays the role of pushing the development of construction industry forward. In the stage when the economy is rather loom, the planks used in the construction projects are quite coarse without any sense of delicacy and most of the contractors choose to use the bamboo scaffold planks and wood scaffold planks.

And with the bettering overturn of our economy, the steel planks come into the construction market and its features and advantage comes to be more prominent and evident. One of the biggest points is the extended working life of the steel plank when compared with other former used plank types. The most widely applied scaffolding kinds, including the metal scaffolding plank with hooks has more than one sound performance in the real construction projects.

The foremost one is their sound load bearing capacity. The galvanized steel planks have a better load bearing capacity than that of the wood and bamboo scaffolding planks which has been approved by experts. All of TIANDI scaffolding planks have been monitored and tested according to stringent quality standards by the quality technical monitoring department. It is tested that the even distribute working load of TIANDI scaffolding planks can be as high as 1.89kn/m, 1.75kn/m higher than normal standards, which allows more than several workmen to stand on the planks at the same time.