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Several tips on how to erect the outside scaffolding frames.

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Several tips on how to erect the outside scaffolding frames.
Issue Time:2019-04-22
For the positions where there are bay windows on the second and the third floor of the steel scaffolds, pay attention to the space between the standing tubes and the wall body and make a stringent control for the space adjustment.

On the first floor, if needed, fully build 3 standing tubes outside the scaffolding frame and on the tenth floor, the internal standing tubes of the outside scaffolding frame shall be cut into appropriate lengths to satisfy the requirements. For the roof where there is a parapet, the outside standing tubes can erect up to the top at one try. The internal standing tubes can be built inside the balcony and the standing tube tops on each floor can be backed by the adjustable wooden timber at the bottom right up to the top to receive the best stability effect.

The outside scaffolding frame on the 12, 14 and 16 floors will be interrupted at 12th floor as there is an extrusion of 1.9m of the corridor. Then the other floors will hold a pause of the frames at each corridor. The outside protective frames of the cantilevered parts will be supported by the slant cantilevered scaffolding.