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Structures of the frame scaffolding and its working principles.

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Structures of the frame scaffolding and its working principles.
Issue Time:2019-04-19
The frame scaffolding itself is a super solid structure, among which the multi levels kind is able to stand on its own in terms of geometry.

But considering the weakness of the tubes themselves, the multi level frame scaffolding shall also take into consideration the connection status to the building itself. According to its original user manual, there shall be tie members in the whole scaffolding set. Apart from the function as scaffolding, the frame scaffolding can also be used as formwork in some real construction projects. However for the function as the construction formwork, the style steel in the frame scaffolding shall be changed and altered as well as the tube structures.

1. The crossing brace in the galvanized door frame belongs to tender brace kind and its bracing function is in the same way of the steel structures where the consideration will be only given to thepulling force and the pressures force will be neglected.
2. The frame scaffolding will sustain the working force from the planks and the wind load. The former one will be passed to the beam through the frame scaffolding and then the working load will finally come to the ground base by the standing tubes. The wind load will be settled to the main scaffolding body through the standing tubes and the tie members.