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How to maintain and repair the scaffolding metal plank?

How to maintain and repair the scaffolding metal plank?
Issue Time:2019-04-18
The first step is to check if there is any uneven sinking or odd material staging at the bottom of the scaffolding metal plank.

Then to see if there is any vertical tolerance of the whole scaffolding frame and of the frame parts. Pay special attention to the vertical ratio around the scaffolding corners and ruptures. If any abnormal situations, take measure to reinforcing to eradicate the potential risks. The oil paint and fastening of all the couplers. When checking the couplers, first check the appearance and then loose the threads of the rods on the couplers anti-clockwise and the paint the couplers with oil to fasten them to required torque range.

Finally, to check if the scaffolding metal plank has any loose, cantilever and also check the four corners are fastened with steel wires. If any problems found, make rectification and modification immediately. When checking the connection with buildings, check if the connecting members are fully provided and if there is any loose or tolerance.