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What is the connection clamp of the moveable scaffolding?

What is the connection clamp of the moveable scaffolding?
Issue Time:2019-04-15
If you want to find the cheap scaffold for sale, you should also take the quality into consideration when choosing it. Then know more product details will help you to buy a better qualified products. What is the connection clamp of the movable scaffolding?

It is the building clamp which belongs to the kind of construction mechanical elements. It is made up of two small clamps whose downside coupler will connect the live bolts and its big end will connect the upper coupler where there is a concave. The two small clamps will be connected by pressed rickets so that they can turn around at any angle.

Movable scaffolding with clamps are featured as follows:
Anti skid capacity is high so the fitting surface between the steel tube and the coupler can be assured.
Great anti deformation strength so the working safety is promised and it also allows recycled use.
Easy to be maintained and not apt to be damaged.
Great anti erosion strength and anti skid capacity.
There is enough flexible strength of the scaffolding clamps so the clamps are equipped with higher strength and endurance.