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Tips on how to erect the double line steel tube scaffolding.

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Tips on how to erect the double line steel tube scaffolding.
Issue Time:2019-04-12
Construction organization preparation
All the construction projects which will use the double line steel tube scaffolding shall be in line with the construction requirements and basic requirements to ensure the application safety of the whole scaffolding construction process. For the sake of working safety when using the couplers scaffolds, its elements shall comply with such requirements as follows to enable the load bearing standards and the load deliverance capacity can be satisfied. The scaffolding price can vary and fluctuate with the quality of different scaffolding elements.

The scaffolding consist of the standing beams, the transverse and the vertical tubes. In such space frame structure, all these elements mentioned above shall be built at the same time. The torque force of coupler bolts shall be within 40NM-60NM to make sure the joints in the space structure of enough rigidity and capacity when delivering the working load. In the space between the scaffolding and the buildings, the tie members shall be laid out at enough quantity evenly so constraint force will be provided to the lateral side of the scaffolding that the frame will not be dumped or lose its stability.