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How to choose over the out scaffolding in the construction?

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How to choose over the out scaffolding in the construction?
Issue Time:2019-04-11
As already speculated in our national building standards, for the erection height over 50m, there shall be special design over the erection schedule plan. Then how to choose the best solution to handle all kinds of erection issues. Here below is the brief introduction.

Among all the cantilevered scaffold sales, we can make such choice as below:

1.  the composite structure with bricks. For the erection height below 6 stories, the scaffolding used is the floor model coupler scaffolding and it shall be erected according to the regulations of JGJ130-2001.
2.  the small high rise buildings with a height of 7-9 level about 15m-25m. The scaffolding kind used is not only the floor stand coupler scaffolding but also the double standing tube kinds scaffolding which will be erected at the height of 1/3 times of the total building height to make the scaffolding body more sturdy and stubborn.
3. the high rise building with a height of more 10 levels about 30-90m. The scaffolding kinds used here is the cantilevered scaffolding kinds. According to different conditions, the total scaffolding kinds will be cantilevered by phase and unload through the diagonals and use the formed steel in the downside supporting system.