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What are the advantages of the each scaffolding kind?

What are the advantages of the each scaffolding kind?
Issue Time:2019-04-11
Here we are talking deeply to make an incisive analysis on the advantages of each scaffolding type that the scaffold for sale in China.

The coupler scaffolding:
1. less quantity of the tubes, and six kinds are much more than enough including the flat tubes, the long tubes, the couplers and the brakcets.
2. there is no limitation of the length of the long tubes, and for the extension, if needed, the spigots are easy to be staggered placed.
3. The couplers can be placed at position on the tubes and the frame size can be chosen and adjusted at will.

The tower steel tube scaffolding:
1. there is no deviation on the brace axle connections and joint structures
2. The rigidity on the surface of the triangle bracing is high and the unit frame belongs to the super stable structure with the utmost reasonability.
3. less tube kinds and there is no missing accidents of the elements and accessories.
4. multi-functions: Such scaffolding can be made into different scaffolding size, shape and into scaffolding and bracing supports with different bearing capacity.