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How to assemble the screw jack in a right way?

How to assemble the screw jack in a right way?
Issue Time:2019-04-10
Screw jack can helps to prop any heavy duty working load during the construction process and we shall pay more attention when we are doing and completing the screw jack assembly.

1. Preparations before the assembly.
Choose a dry and clean assembly site and the there shall be a small temperature floating. Prepare all the needed tools on the working platform.

2. Check all the axles and bracket elements.
To see if there is any litter or foreign matter on the surface or the internal ring of the axle. There shall be no burrs on the elements. If there is any, pls get rid of it or rinse it off with oil stone.

3. Install all the bracket elements on the axle.
Prepare all the needed rolling balls and bracket elements. Insert all the bracket elements into the locking side of the screw jack. Attention shall be paid when inserting the elements. Insert by the vertical line to avoid any stuck. Rub with oil beforehand can make the insertion smoother and quicker. The tighten nuts of the ball screw jack shall be temporary fastening state.