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Brand new scaffolding types augment the parts of scaffolding

Brand new scaffolding types augment the parts of scaffolding
Issue Time:2019-04-10
In an effort to speed up the turnaround of the working efficiency on the construction project, a brand new scaffold system which can be quickly dismantled has been introduced on a large scale. These are newly invented parts of scaffolding, below are their cardinal advantages the contractors can obtain by using it.

They use chip locks to fix between the vertical braces and the horizontal braces to make a solid structure with the capacity to be easily erected and dismantled, saving in large quantity the timber and the bamboo glue. They can greatly shorten the working period by speed up the construction process. They can help to relieve the workers from arduous working intensity by accelerating by 20 times the working efficiency than that of using the frames with couplers. 

Their prop systems are far more solid and secured with lower cost. They are available in various construction project and diversified structure design. They are facile to erect and dismantled without the usage of any other special working tools. They are easy to handle: the workers will only need to use a hammer to complete the erection and dismantling, which has largely shortened the working period of time.