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How to choose the accessories in ringlock scaffolding systems?

How to choose the accessories in ringlock scaffolding systems?
Issue Time:2019-04-08
There are many kinds of accessories in the ringlock scaffoldings such as the diagonal braces, the adjustable heads, the adjustable brackets, the pins andthe sockets and spigots, etc.

We can also divide the ringlock scaffolding into different kinds according to their actual functions, including the 1930 frame scaffoldings, the 1700 frame scaffoldings, the 1542 serials and 914 serials. And there are also some other elements including the planks, the ladders and the wheels.  In order to make sure the scaffolding system meet such requirements as follows, we shall take care when we pick up the ringlcok scaffolding elements. The whole scaffolding body shall be safe and reliable. The ringlock scaffolding has greatly lifted the anti-bending strength of the steel tubes, which can make sure the supporting beams won’t be bended or curved when the tubes are connected and combined. The accessories shall be able to give the scaffolding system enough horizontal bridging strength in order to have high 3D space strength. The comprehensive benefit of the scaffolding shall be guaranteed as the ringlock scaffolding is more and more standardized and easier to be transported.

We shall optimize such benefit to the full by choosing right elements as less investment in the beginning can help to reduce the investment in the later construction part.