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Scaffold work with the galvanized steel products.

Scaffold work with the galvanized steel products.
Issue Time:2019-04-02
The galvanized steel products including the steel scaffolding tubes can be applied in most of the decoration projects.

The application scales include the wall surfaces, the external surface of beams, the auto rolled doors, the staircase handrails, the balcony handrails, the rain collecting tubes, the flag masts, the road light posts, the frames of the arches. There is also an increasing application in the household places such as the bathrooms, the water grooves and the frames. More often than not, the steel grade of 304 is used in the decoration projects and sometimes the grade of 316.

We can have a better understanding of the galvanized steel products in the applications of roofing projects. The earlier applications can be found in the Savoy Hotel, the Euro Star Station, the NY Chrysler Building, the State Empire Building and the buildings from 1990s such as the twin towers in Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai Jinmao Building, HK Exhibition Center and the roofing work of Japanese Dome Stadium which was prepared for the 2002 World Football Games.