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How to transport and dismantle the frame scaffold.

How to transport and dismantle the frame scaffold.
Issue Time:2019-03-28
In order to avoid any skids of the base plate, fixation measures shall be taken to the bottom of the base plates. The frame scaffoldings including the galvanized frame type scaffold shall be tied together with the accessories during the hanging and transportation to make sure there will be no falling accidents when they are vertically transported. 

Please keep in mind the bundling of them will cause no deformation or damage on the frame scaffolding .The erection of every span of the external frame scaffolding shall be done at any one time without any stop in the intermittent period. All the connecting accessories of the frame scaffolding shall be fixed to be located. The couplers may become loose during the application period so there shall be some regular check over them, if there is any abnormal situation found such as the pins are not at the fixed place, make alteration and modification right away.

The crossing braces inside the frame scaffolding can be dismantled only they are in the way of construction process and parts of them can be dismantled for the sake of assuring the stability of the whole scaffolding body.