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The right way to erect the frame scaffold.

The right way to erect the frame scaffold.
Issue Time:2019-03-27
When building the scaffolding frames upwards, the steel handrails shall be set up at the regulated place at the same time. The bottom of the steel frame scaffold handrails at the bottom of the scaffolding system shall be tied and fixed to the bottom of the scaffold with a steel tube and the steel handrails, the steel tubes and the frame scaffold shall be connected by couplers.

 The card hook pin lock at the ends of the handrails shall be locked up at any one time when installing the handrails. The two sides of the lift shall be coupled with steel tubes for the use as handrails.

The outside of the frame scaffolding shall be installed with safety networks when the frame scaffolding is erected to avoid any accidents of falling down from happening. When the scaffolding is built to the last step to the top, even the building on the top is processed in segments, the hurdles shall be erected around the outer side of the scaffold one by one.