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The standard for erecting the scaffolding safety passage.

The standard for erecting the scaffolding safety passage.
Issue Time:2019-03-27
There is space for erecting the safety passage in the scaffolding system, which is a temporary place to avoid the happening of any accidents. And there are many cautions when erecting it.

Based on the steel step board, the scaffolding safety passage is attached to the building body inside or outside. For the erection height below 6 meters, it is better to use the a shaped ramps; if the erection height over 6 meters, the ramp shall be zigzag shape. For the construction of the ramp, the pedestrian ramp shall be less than 1 meter in width with 1:3 of the slope ratio. Around the corner of the ramp a platform shall be set with a width no less than that of the ramp.

On both side of the ramp there shall be set with toe boards with handrails of a height of 1.2 meters. the height of the toe board shall be no less than 150mm. For the scaffolding planks below the pedestrian ramp, the anti-skid wood bars shall be set every 250-300mm.