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TIANDI ringlock scaffolding with scaffold steel planks.

TIANDI ringlock scaffolding with scaffold steel planks.
Issue Time:2019-03-26
The ringlock scaffolding from TIANDI can be widely used in the construction of houses, bridges, tunnels, chimneys and hydro towers. Compared with other scaffolding kinds, the ringlock scaffolding is the most promising construction tool if it is combined used with the scaffold steel planks. Let’s take a deep investigation to it.

TIANDI ringlock scaffolding can be cut into different sizes to form various form sizes according to the real construction requirements. The bearing load of the single line and double line of the scaffolding can be altered. Such frames can be shaped as the supporting frames, the supporting beams, the climbing frames for lifting the materials and the cantilevered frames. In the ringlock scaffolding system, the most frequently used braces are 3130 millimeters long and 17.07 kg in weight.

The erection and dismantle speed of the whole scaffolding body is 3-5 times faster than the normal traditional kinds, which can done by single work force with a hammer.