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Is the steel scaffold more popular in the market?

Is the steel scaffold more popular in the market?
Issue Time:2019-03-25
Of course, the steel scaffold is more versatile and durable in the real application, which helps to win more appreciation in the market. No matter what the scaffold kind is, scaffolding coupler or steel scaffold, all the material used on the scaffold shall comply with the requirement to avoid any potential risks from happening. All the erection work shall comply with the safety requirement of the scaffolding erection.

 For the scaffold over 15m high, there shall be designs, calculations, detailed drawings and erection plans supervised and approved by relevant personnel in charge. All the erection work shall be done only after the writing communications of techniques.

For such scaffolding materials as frames for hanging, cantilevering, tying or staging, an approval shall be done on their design. Only if they are with safety technical measures, the erection can be carried out.