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The Hanking Jiu Rongtai Project won three prizes.

The Hanking Jiu Rongtai Project won three prizes.
Issue Time:2019-03-22
On May 8th, 2015 in the “ international real estate competition 2015” held in Singapore, the Hanking Jiu Rongtai Project developed by Shenzhen Hanking Group won three prizes of “the best design of intensive residential building”, “the best development of high rise residential building” and “the best design of the residential landscape”. 

The sightseeing of the house this time was designed by Yoshiki Toda Landscape and Architect. And the prize was a recognition to some extent. The Hanking Jiu Rongtai, located at the Nanshan mountainside in Qianhai, is surrounded with mountains around its three sides, enjoying the unique 300,000 square meters of rare green natural resources.

The Hanking Group has built the Chinese Qianhai Mountainside suite with international standard. The suite project is composed of 4 blocks of high rise buildings and 22 sets of townhouses. All these high rise buildings are big units with an area of over 180 meters, integrated with scaffold steel pipes and glass to epitomize the international high level, the retreat in the mountains, the taste of mountain life and back to nature.