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The initiation of rebuilding the Romantic City of Casablanca.

The initiation of rebuilding the Romantic City of Casablanca.
Issue Time:2019-03-20
It is Mohammed the Six, the king of Morocco who declared the initiation of the “ Old City of Medinal Project” which is aimed at representing the previous glamour of Morocco as a major cultural and commercial resort as well as sightseeing destination based on the profound cultural quality of Casablanca.

This renovation will be responding to the appeal of improving the living environment and promote the local economy.

The financial support for the second phase renovation is derived from the Wessal Capital, which has a unique SWF share controlling structure. Having benefited from the increasing momentum of the Morocco tourism industry, the Wessal Capital has already reinforced its confidence in the investment, has already aggregated more than 28,000,000 Euros to develop the project.

The rebuild of the old city of Medinal means the whole project has entered into the second phase, among which the rebuild of harbor started last week. The Wessal Casablanca harbor will be the one which can provide world class tourism fundamental facilities once being finished, including the first yacht harbor in the city and an upgraded harbor outlook and brand new commercial and culture squares full of scaffolding shapes.