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Analysis on the bearing capacity of the coupler scaffolds.

Analysis on the bearing capacity of the coupler scaffolds.
Issue Time:2019-03-20
There is a wide application of the coupler scaffolds used as slab concrete formwork braces for the building of architectures and houses.

According to different load bearing centers of eccentricity and axle, the coupler scaffolding system can be divided into two kinds, i.e. the full tubular scaffolds with couplers and the full tubular bracing frames with couplers. The price of scaffolding can be found in such kinds. The major difference between those two scaffolds is the construction working load of the platform on the top of the former scaffold is delivered to the standing tubes bypass the rectangular couplers; the bearing status of the standing tubes on the top is eccentricity while the later one’s working loading is delivered to the standing tubes bypass the axle of the adjustable jack head.

The stability for the two scaffolding kinds under certain working load differs with each other even if the space between the standing tubes lifts and the bridging and ledger brace are the same.