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Analysis on the scaffolding fittings.

Analysis on the scaffolding fittings.
Issue Time:2019-03-19
Most of the coupler scaffolding includes such scaffolding fittings as standing tubes, big flat tubes, small flat tubes, bridging ledger bracings, transverse diagonal braces and some other temporary adhesive structure made of couplers and the major bearing load can be divided into the self weight load (of the standing tubes, the transverse diagonal braces, the horizontal tubes and couplers ), from the elements and accessories (like the scaffold boards, the handrails, the toeboards, the safety web and other protective equipment), from the construction works and also from the wind.

The delivery route of the working load is from boards to the big flat tubes and then to the small flat tubes. The working load then will be passed to the standing tubes via the rectangular couplers and the descended to the small standing tubes. Finally the working load will be rooted to the ground base.

The entire stability of the scaffolding system is provided by the bridging bracings, transverse diagonal tubes and the tie members.