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Analysis of the factors that influence the scaffolding stability.

Analysis of the factors that influence the scaffolding stability.
Issue Time:2019-03-18
Stability is one the top factors that will be taken into consideration when using the types scaffolding, of which the coupler scaffolding is widely used for its advantages in easy erection and dismantlement, facile in construction, large bearing load capacity and economical features.

In order to avoid the further accidents from happening or other impairments to the human force form rising, we shall pay attention on finding out the factors which impose influence on the scaffolding stability.

Most of the coupler scaffoldings are composed of standing tubes, big and small transverse tubes, diagonal bracing, transverse slant tubes and couplers, temporary adhesive structures kinds. And the major working loads can be classified into self weight, weight of elements and accessories, construction loads and wind loads. 

There are more tubes in the coupler scaffolding system and its working load bearing capacity can be influenced by man-made factors as different erection ways of the same tubes can have different load bearing capacity. Such instance shows that the composition of the scaffold determines the bearing stability of the scaffold.