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The standard of erecting the scaffold.

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The standard of erecting the scaffold.
Issue Time:2019-03-14
As a Chinese manufacturer of scaffolding products, TIANDI here give you tips on how to erect the scaffoldings to meet the building requirements.

For the scaffoldings from China, the steel standing tubes shall be set with metal base plate, and as for the soft ground base, the wood plates or bottom reinforced tubes shall be settled. The shear ledgers or shoring braces shall be set up at the ends or at the place around the corner of the scaffold. Between the spaces every 6-7 standing tubes shall also be set with them. For the height over 7 meters where shoring braces cannot be set, some fixation measures shall be taken at the points every 4 meters vertically and every 7 meters horizontally.

When buying scaffoldings from China, the external face of the scaffold and its ramps, platforms shall be set with 1.05 meters of
handrails. When laying out the bamboo plates or wood planks, the ends of them shall be fastened before put into use.