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The key for ringlock scaffolding working load.

The key for ringlock scaffolding working load.
Issue Time:2019-03-13
As is well known in the construction industry that the ringlock scaffolding system is by now the widest applied and commonest construction material. The ringlock scaffolding system is best renowned for its safety, reliability and convenience in the real applications.

Then what is its working theory in bearing the working load and where is the load bearing point of the ringlock scaffolding system?

Shouldthere be any risks or potential accidents resided in the whole ringlock scaffolding system if there are some incompact connections?

For the ringlock fabrication, the butt connection on a perpendicular level and the extension of the height are the key points when setting
the bearing load points. And the key for the ringlock scaffolding resides in if whether or not the inserted pins firmly connect the connect coat with the standing tubes and transverse tubes; whether or not the all the elements and accessories are combined into an integrity.

The best advantage of the ringlock is firmness and compactness and every standing tubes and transverse tubes can take a certain weight from one point.