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Low erection cost of the ring lock system.

Low erection cost of the ring lock system.
Issue Time:2019-03-12
Due to the small quantity of fundamental elements in the ring lock scaffold and the system is designed by the module unit, its erection and dismantlement cost little when compared with other scaffolding systems.

The period for erecting the steel tubular coupler scaffolding system is 25-35m3/day and that for its dismantle is 35-45m3 /day; for the cuplock scaffolding system, the former one is 40-55 m3/day and the later one is 55-70 m3/day. However, the period for erecting the ringlock scaffolding system is 100-160 m3/day and the dismantlement of it is 130-300 m3/day.

In addition, the ringlock scaffolding enjoys a long working life as long as more than 15 years as all of the tubes of this system is processed with hot dipped galvanization, and the tubes can be divided into formwork frames and the scaffolding frame by different intended working load.