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Some info about the ringlock system.

Some info about the ringlock system.
Issue Time:2019-03-12
The ringlock system has such features as small quantity of fundamental elements, easy erection and dismantlement, high working efficiency and strong bearing capacity, which has already been widely used in projects of bridges, tunnels, electricity industries, petrochemicals, ship manufacturing, railroads, airports and quays and other civil construction projects.ringlock scaffolding.

When compared to other scaffold system such as the steel tubular scaffolds and the cuplock scaffolds, the ringlock scaffolding system
has an irreplaceable dominant position.

Low procurement cost. TIANDI group has imported the most edge cutting equipments and the best mechanical tech to adopt the highstrength steel, making it possible for the standing tubes in the scaffolding system to reach a working load limit of 200KN which can reduce the total quantity of the steel usage in a unit area. Its quantity will be reduced by 60% when compared to that of the cuplock scaffolding. The cost reduction of the steel quantity complies with the policy of reducing the emission and save the energy, which provides great social benefits as well as a reliable and secured formwork propping system for the construction entities.