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The development of ringlock scaffolds in China.

The development of ringlock scaffolds in China.
Issue Time:2019-03-11
In the beginning, the ringlock scaffolding was brought in from Japan in about 1960s and enjoyed a quick reputation in the construction industry due to their facility in the erection and dismantlement, and removal as well.

They have the eminent universal properties in real use when they can be generally matched with each other. Combining with a relatively low cost, it has already been one of the most universal used scaffolds in the construction industry. However, every coin has two sides, so does the ringlock scaffolds.

Most of the ringlock scaffolds are inevitably weak in the safety ratio and low working efficiency in the construction projects. With the coming into being of many large scale modernized building system, those ringock scaffolds can not meet the industry requirements any more, which has paved the road for developing and research other scaffolds kinds. So until now, you can find not only the ringlock scaffolding suppliers in the market, but also the suppliers of cuplock scaffolds and frame scaffolds, etc.

It has been proved that the combing usage of those mixed scaffolds in the construction projects makes the working site more secured, the working process safer and the construction efficiency higher.