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Tips on the two line coupler scaffold usage.

Tips on the two line coupler scaffold usage.
Issue Time:2019-03-07
The two line coupler scaffolding can be used in the industrial and civil constructions whose height is below 50m. In the project the elevation height of the building roof is 19.9m, which is within the height limit, two line coupler scaffolds can be adopted.

The price for scaffold couplers differs from each other as they are in the different type and quality. But the erection standard for all the coupler scaffold kinds is the same. The scaffolds are frames which are set up in the construction and installation projects for the purpose of
facilitating the work and providing protection. There shall provide with enough space for the employees to work and make preparation for taking safety measures. The frame shall be stable and sturdy enough to work under any circumstances and weather conditions, able
to sustain any working load in a safe way. What’s more, the coupler scaffolding shall be reasonably framed with a solid foundation, enabling to be easy to dismantle and remove. Each standing post shall be set with backing plate at the bottom of the foot.