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The scaffod safety protective measures.

The scaffod safety protective measures.
Issue Time:2019-03-07
Whether you buy new scaffolding tube or have rental scaffolding pipe, you shall first of all take the safety protective measures into consideration. All kinds of scaffold shall be erected according to the technical protective standards of the scaffolding safety and its building regulations. Eco-friendly dense mesh fence shall be suspended around the building to avoid the workers from falling down and any drop-hit accidents from happening. The scaffolding tubes used in the projects should not be corrosive, bent, squashed or cracked and can’t be mixing used with wood.

The scaffold shall be tied to the main building body in a firm and stable way and the vertical space between the connecting joints shall not be over 4 meters and the horizontal space shall no t be over 6 meters. And the strength of the materials used for dragging shall not be weaker than that of the No. 8 galvanized steel wires. For the high scaffolds, the materials for dragging shall not be soft kinds.

The platform of the scaffold shall be fully planked with a distance to the wall surface less than 200mm, and there shall not be any gap and probing plate. Outside the platform there shall set with two handrails and a toe board with a defensive height of 1.2 meters.